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Access to Guns...

What are they going to about this in the USA

Will It Ever Stop

22 Jan 2015

ONDRI - Dr. Michael Strong

Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative

The Londoner 21 Jan 2015
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06 Sep 2014
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Gillian Bennett

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18 Aug 2014

Is This True..

If it's hard, stark & lonely it must be Toronto

Geoff Pevere

Globe & Mail


13 May 2014
LHSC Cut Backs in Nursing & Cleaning Staff

Cannot comment on Nursing... we need figures.. How many nurses are there at LHSC....what do the Nurses have to say about this. Will patient care by jepordized (which almost goes without saying).


But anybody who has been to a hospital recently realizes that the hospitals should be much cleaner...a study should be done on each & every hospital just to see how clean they really are.  This should be done with no warning... just a walk in with a checklist.  It would be an eye opener.


Mayor of Toronto (2013)


If the current Mayor of Toronto agreed to answer truthfully all questions put to him, what would you ask him?

  • what is the truth
  • do you know anything about what happened to those fellows that you are seen with in the video?
  • are you affiliated with anything illegal?
  • are you addicted to drugs or alcohol?
  • are you on any drugs right now including cocaine or heroin or whatever?
  • are you taking care of Toronto the way you should be?
  • would you vote for a Mayor like yourself ?
  • why did your staff leave, all 6 of them?
  • do your staff know something we should know - are they protecting you or themselves?
  • the staff that resigned their jobs because of whatever goes on in your office, what about the fact that they now don't have jobs - what do you think about this... they have families and mortgages to pay... will they find work .... this is atrocious ...
  • are you involved with any group that you shouldn't be involved with
  • are you honest with the people of Toronto?
  • what do other Mayors think of your behaviour?
  • how can one bad Mayor define the other however many there are across Canada?
  • why should anybody believe you?
  • what other issues could arise during your time in the Mayor's Office?
  • why should you remain in office?
  • what have you done for Toronto since you arrived?
  • what are you currrently doing for Toronto besides creating this great big fuss that goes on and on?



Politicians & Expense Accounts  (2014)

  • Does it really matter if Mike Duffy lives full-time in PEI.... if he has a cottage, and if he represents the island, can he not use his cottage in the spring, summer and fall?   Is he not always available from his Ottawa office?  Can he not be in PEI in a matter of hours if he is needed there?  Big IF. 
  • One observation.... if the Government insists that an appointed Senator should have full-time residence in the province they are representing... and if a cottage does not fit the bill... then how did this slip by the Office of the Government.  This kind of bookeeping should be done well before anybody is even appointed.  Would Mr. Duffy have just given his address - is that how simple it would be - and nobody knows or cares or checks that this is a cottage... then x number of years later this is a big surprise. 
  • What we should be concerned about is that somehow our elected members of parliament and appointed senators are spending money inappropriately and nobody is calling them on it until after the fact....
  • Why does the government not have COMPLETE CONTROL of  all money spent by our MPs and Senators.  Every cent spent should be accounted for. If this is done properly there will be no surprises.  These figures should be available for the public to view...
  • As an example, why on earth would any MP get away with paying money for a wedding... let's just say a request is submitted for $15,000  (one has to assume that this money was requested and that some person in the Office of the Government gave the OK).  But wouldn't you think that right away the receipts, the description of what the money was used for would indicate that this is not something that the government should pay for  -- obviously not something a politician should even be submitting.  Immediately a red flag should go up. 
  • Are these politicians so arrogant or just plain stupid that they think the money collected from the tax payers of Canada should cover wedding expenses.  This is just an example.  How carefully does the Accounts Payable Office in the Government scrutinize money spent by the politicians. It is obvious that there are many many loopholes that these politicians wiggle around to try and get as much money as they possibly can.  It is also very obvious that the Government does not question how this money is spent.  Time to shape up. 
  • The best policy would be that the general public be given access to the expense accounts of all politicians.  After all each politician is spending thousands and thousands of dollars yearly  - shouldn't we be able to see how this money is spent.   Would this make a difference ... one would certainly think so! 
  • smarten up....more accountability with rigid guidelines should be implemented immediately, this information should be public.... after all who is really the employer here!!!!


This Mother was taking care of her family... then this happened!



Lean In

is "a global community commited to offering women the encouragement and support to lean in to their ambitions".


Demand A Plan.

Canada should demand a plan...


One Billion Rising
.. the biggest mass global action to end violence against women and girls in the history of mankind

Legalization of Marijuana
just wondering if smoking is not allowed in restaurants, hotels, homes.. where do you go to smoke your weed?



This article is a prime example of the senselessness of having guns anywhere near children or for that matter having guns at all..

The gun belonged to a Tennessee Sheriff's Deputy... what was he thinking .... the Deputy's service weapon was apparently locked away.... apparently the Deputy had another loaded gun in the house.  Somehow in front of adults the Sheriff's 4 year old nephew picked up the loaded gun and fatally shot the Sheriff's wife - a 4 year old child Was this an accident... No it was NOT. That gun should not have been anywhere near this child... WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING. 

It occurs to me that this nonsense about protecting your home is absolute CRAP. 

We need to hear from those people who are against guns of any kind. Where are these people.  They must stand up....


Wonder how many Canadian citizens totally oppose guns of any kind... it would seem that however many there might be, this group does not speak out. It's time to support the Coation for Gun Control in Canada ....


WIND TURBINES - It's About Time We Supported Those Who Are Having Serious Side Effects Never Mind The Flashing Red Lights at Night ....


These all consuming great big questionable oversized windmills continue to create havoc across Ontario (see map). 

Do you think the same people who decided that wind turbines were a good thing have actually lived near them for any length of time --- is anybody listening to those who are experiencing health issues....

What about down in Blenheim where they plunked down one of these suckers too close to the edge of town.... peering right into the front of a school .... whose idea was this!!!!

Just read where they are up in arms regarding a plan to put 152 one metre white turbines very close to the Collingwood airport.  And so it continues.

How close would you like your house to be to one of these monstrous windmills?

Why would there be 150 approved wind turbines n the Blenheim area!  Is this TRUE!!

The whole process of where these things should go is VERY UNFAIR.

Here's an interesting article "Turbines are Affecting People from the Owen Sound Sun Times".

The flickering lights all night long are annoying to say the least .... surely there is something that could be done differently here as per this viewer's suggestion...

This wind turbine situation is unbelievable....There should be a "march" on Toronto...

Maybe the Ontario Mayors should join forces.. at least do something!

Wind turbines interfering with the tundra swans at Wallaceburg....





Non-Smoking Casinos in the United States

Smokers should have NO RIGHTS... NONE WHATSOEVER. Very simple. The United States does not get this. Just like they don't get the gun situation. 





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