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ON: Lake Superior North Shore North Shore
ON: Tobermory Chi Cheemaun
ON: Elliott Lake Visit
MI: Michigan Wiki Wiki
MI: Michigan What's New Michigan
MI: Michigan Michigan Michigan Awesome
MI: Michigan Michigan The Michigan State (Clothing)
MI: Upper Peninsula Wiki Wiki Upper Peninsula
MI: Upper Peninsula Upper Peninsula Upper Peninsula
MI: Upper Peninsula Great Waters Great Waters of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Grand Marais    
MI: Grand Marais   Visit Grand Marais
MI: Grand Marais   Historical Society
MI: Grand Marais   Wikipedia (350)
MI: Grand Marais   Breakwall Bakery
MI:Grand Marais   Stonehouse Bakery
MI: Grand Marais   Voyageurs Motel
MI: Grand Marais   West Bay Diner
MI: Munising City of Munising City of Munising
MI: Munising Explore Explore Munising
MI: Munising Visit Munising Visit Munising  
MI: Munising Wiki Wiki Munising (2,355)
MI: Munising Hospital Memorial Hospital
MI: Munising Art Galleries Arts Association
MI: Munising Accommodation Hotels, Trip Advisor Reviews
MI: Munising Accommodation Holiday Inn Express
MI: Munising Pictured Rocks Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore - Trip Advisor Reviews
MI: Munising Pictured Rocks Wiki Wiki - Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
MI: Munising Shopping Shopping
MI: Munising Bakey-Cafe Muldoons Pasties & Local Gifts
MI: Munising Pottery Open Wings Pottery
MI: Munising Library Public Library
MI: Munising Restaurants Restaurants, Trip Advisor Reviews
MI: Munising Things to Do Things to Do
MI: Munising Visitors Visitors Bureau
MI: Marquette Wiki Wiki (21,000)
MI: Marquette General Info City of Marquette
MI: Marquette Downtown Downtown Marquette
MI: Marquette General Info Travel Marquette
MI: Marquette Weather Weather
MI: Marquette To Do 33 Things to Do In Marquette
MI: Marquette Hiking & Trails Biking & Hiking Trails
MI: Marquette To See Suggested Spots to See in Marquette
MI: Marquette Great Spot A Superior Destination (Article in Washington Post)
MI: Marquette Education NMU - Northern Michigan University
MI: Marquette Hospital UP Health System (Upper Peninsula)
MI: Marquette Library Peter White Public Library + Arts & Culture Centre
MI: Marquette Book Store Snowbound Books (N. Third St)
MI: Marquette Festival A-E: 12th Annual Marquette Blues Fest - Labour Day Weekend
MI: Marquette Accommodation Hampton Inn
MI: Marquette Accommodation Hotels, Trip Advisor Reviews  
MI: Marquette Restaurants Restaurants
MI: Marquette Restaurants Restaurants with Trip Advisor Reviews
MI: Marquette Bakery-Cafe Babycakes Muffin Company
MI: Marquette Bakery Huron Mountain Bakery  
MI: Marquette Bakery-Cafe Jean Kay's Pasties & Subs
MI: Marquette Bakery Marquette Baking Co
MI: Marquette Cafe Dead River Coffee
MI: Marquette Market Farmer's Market
MI: Marquette Art Galleries Art Galleries
MI: Marquette Theatre Lake Superior Theatre
MI: Marquette Theatre-Concerts Kaufman Auditorium
MI: Marquette Cinemas Cinemas
MI: Marquette Pub Ore Dock Brewing Company Plus Concerts  
MI: Marquette Furniture Shunk Furniture
MN: Grand Marais Accommodation Mangy Moose
Headed to Owen Sound - November 2014
Google Maps
ON: Middlesex County Middlesex County
ON: Middlesex County Middlesex County Wiki
ON: MC: Middlesex Centre Municipality of Middlesex Centre

ON: MC:MC: Delaware

Delaware Wiki
ON: MC: MC: Arva Annie's Chocolates
ON: MC: MC: Arva Arva Appliances
ON: MC: MC: Arva Arva Flour Mill
ON: MC: MC: Arva Wagon Shed .. Afgans, Quilts, Furniture
ON: MC: MC: Birr Crunican Apple Orchards
ON: MC: MC: Birr Legg's General Store
ON: MC: MC: Birr The Oak House
ON: MC: Lucan Biddulph Township of Lucan Biddulph
ON: MC: LB: Lucan Glavin Farms (Rutabagas)
ON: Perth County

W. Perth, E. Perth, N. Perth, S. Perth, Stratford, St. Mary's

ON: Perth County Perth County Wiki
ON: Perth County Visit Perth  
ON: Perth County Local Links
ON: Perth County Dining  
ON: Perth-Wellington MP:   Gary Schellenberger  
ON: Perth Wellington MPP: Randy Pettapiece  
ON: PC: West Perth

Visit West Perth

ON: PC: West Perth Municipality of West Perth  
ON: PC: WP: Dublin Goettler's of Dublin  
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Mitchell
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Mitchell Wiki
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Farmer's Market - Fridays - 9 am to 1 pm
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell FDI Cage Systems
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell

Mitchell Library

ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Maatzy's Clothing Co.
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Greenbelt Farm
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Parmalat Canada Branch
ON: PC: WP - Mitchell Thames Walking Trails & Wetlands
ON: PC: North Perth Visit North Perth  
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Listowel Wiki
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Conway Furniture
OP: PC: NP: Listowel Health Care
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Horst Welding
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Kitchen Cupboard & Icebox
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Knapp's Shoes & Clothing  
OP: PC: NP: Listowel Listowel Wingham Hospitals Alliance
ON: PC: NP: Listowel North Perth Public Library
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Sights You'll Want to See in Listowel
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Steve Kerr Memorial Recreation Complex to be Built
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Stonaleen Farms (Pork)
ON: PC: NP: Listowel The Clothing Loft
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Vision Manufacturing
ON: PC: NP: Listowel Weberlane Manufacturing
ON: PC: NP: Gowanstown Fresh Start Bakery (plus a new store just opened in Wingham)
ON: Wellington County Town of Minto, Town of Erin, Townships of Wellington North, Mapleton, Centre Wellington, Guelph/Eramosa, Puslinch
ON: WC: Minto Town of Minto
ON: WC: Minto: Harriston Dine on Flavors in Minto
ON: WC: Minto: Harriston Savour the Flavours of Minto
ON: WC: Minto: Harriston Harriston Bakery - Plus Honey Citrus Vinaigrette
ON: WC: Minto: Harriston Wellington Library .. 14 Branches... Harriston Renovated in 2012
ON: WC: Minto: Harriston Gray's Auction.. Fridays 10-8, Saturdays 9-4
ON: GC: West Grey: Neustadt Village of Neustadt  
ON: Grey County

County of Grey (including Owen Sound, Meaford, Thornbury, Chatsworth, Hanover, Durham, etc)

ON: Grey County Grey County Wiki
ON: Grey County Scenic Lookout Sights
ON: Grey County Trails
ON: Grey County Waterfall Tour
ON: GC: West Grey Municipality of West Grey
ON: GC: WG: Durham Durham Wiki
ON: GC: WG: Durham Durham Furniture
ON: GC: WG: Durham McGowan Falls
ON: GC: WG: Durham South Bruce Grey Health Centre - Durham Site
ON: GC: Owen Sound Owen Sound
ON: GC: Owen Sound Wiki
ON: GC: Owen Sound Owen Sound Artists Co-op
ON: GC: Owen Sound Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library  
ON: GC: Owen Sound Billy Bishop Museum
ON: GC: Owen Sound Bridge: Lake & Bay Bridge
ON: GC: Owen Sound DC Taylor Jewellers
ON: GC: Owen Sound Farmer's Market
ON: GC: Owen Sound Festival of Northern Lights
ON: GC: Owen Sound Fulford's
ON: GC: Owen Sound Gramma Lambe's. Apples, Apple Pies...  
ON: GC: Owen Sound Grey Bruce Health Services - Owen Sound Site
ON: GC: Owen Sound Harrison Park
ON: GC: Owen Sound Inglis Falls, Jones Falls, Indian Falls, Weaver Creek Falls  
ON: GC: Owen Sound Legacy Ridge Golf Course
ON: GC: Owen Sound Restaurant Trip Advisor  
ON: GC: Owen Sound Roxy Theatre
ON: GC: Owen Sound Seniors' Centre for Owen Sound & Area
ON: GC: Owen Sound Summerfolk 2015
ON: GC: Owen Sound Sun Times
ON: GC: Owen Sound Sydenham Bruce Trail Club
ON: GC: Owen Sound The Ginger Press
ON: GC: Owen Sound Tom Thompson Art Gallery
ON: GC: Owen Sound YMCA of Owen Sound, Grey Bruce
ON: GC Owen Sound-Kemble Cobble Beach Golf Resort
ON: Bruce County Bruce County (some of which includes Walkerton, Chesley, Kincardine, Port Elgin, Southampton, Wiarton, Tobermory)  
ON: Bruce County Wiki Bruce County  
ON: Bruce County Explore the Bruce  
ON: Bruce County Bruce County Library  
ON: BC: Arran Elderslie Arran-Elderslie  
ON: BC: Arran-Elderslie Wiki  
ON: BC: AE: Tara Tara Natural Foods
ON: BC: AE: Tara Tara Wiki
ON: BC: AE: Tara Tara Facebook
ON: BC: AE: Chesley Visit Chesley
ON: BC: AE: Chesley Facebook  
ON: BC: AE: Chesley Crate Designs Furniture  
ON: GC: Hanover Hanover Wiki
ON: GC: Hanover Town of Hanover  
ON: GC: Hanover Wiki (7,490)
ON: GC: Hanover Business/Shopping Directory
ON: GC: Hanover Civic Theatre
ON: GC: Hanover DJ's Furniture
ON: GC: Hanover Grey-Bruce Singers
ON: GC: Hanover Hanover & District Hospital
ON: GC: Hanover Hanover Holidays
ON: GC: Hanover Industry  
ON: GC: Hanover New-Life Town & Country Retail Store
ON: GC: Hanover Raceway
ON: GC: Hanover Restaurants (Trip Advisor)
ON: GC: Hanover Smitty's Furniture
ON: BC: Brockton Municipality of Brockton  
ON: BC: Brockton Greenock Swamp Complex  
ON: BC: MB: Walkerton Walkerton Wiki  
ON: BC: MB: Walkerton Best Western Plus Walkerton East Ridge Hotel  
ON: BC: MB: Walkerton Chamber of Commerce  
ON: BC: MB: Walkerton Victoria Jubilee Hall  
ON: BC: South Bruce Municipality of South Bruce
ON: BC: SB: Mildmay Explore Mildmay
ON: BC: SB: Mildmay Mildmay Cheese Haus
ON: BC: SB: Mildmay Schuett Furniture
ON: BC: SB: Mildmay South Bruce Flooring  
ON: Huron County

Huron County (Exeter, Blyth, Clinton, Goderich)

ON: Huron County Huron County Wiki
ON: Huron County Ontario's West Coast
ON: HC: North Huron North Huron
ON: HC: North Huron North Huron Wiki
ON: HC: NH: Wingham Wingham 
ON: HC: NH: Wingham Wingham Wiki
ON: HC: NH: Wingham Wingham Community Trail
ON: HC: NH: Wingham Wingham & District Hospital & OP Health Care
ON: HC: NH: Wingham Wingham Heritage Theatre
ON: HC: NH: Wingham CKNX Radio AM 920
ON: HC: NH: Wingham Lindon Motel
ON: HC: NH: Wingham North Huron Library Wingham Branch
ON: HC: NH: Wingham North Huron Wescast Community Complex (Arena, Aquatic)
ON: HC: Town of Bluewater Town of Bluewater
ON: HC: TB: Hensall Village of Hensall
ON: HC: TB: Hensall Ferguson Apiaries
ON: HC: TB: Hensall Hensall District Co-operative
ON: HC: TB: Hensall Pine Sampler Furniture
ON: HC: South Huron Exeter, Dashwood, Kirkton...
ON: HC: SH: Exeter Exeter Wiki
ON: HC: SH: Exeter Bach Festival Jul 12-19, 2015
ON: HC: SH: Exeter Heritage Quilt Exhibit, Apr 16-18, 2015
ON: HC: SH: Exeter South Huron Hospital Association
ON: HC: SH: Exeter South Huron Trail
ON: HC: SH: Exeter Sugar & Spice Chocolates
ON: HC: SH: Exeter Northlander Industries/Canada's Leader Cottage & RV Lifestyle
ON: HC: SH: Exeter Exeter Produce & Storage (Carrots, Beans, Rutabagas)
ON: Middlesex County Middlesex County
ON: Middlesex County Wiki
ON: MC: Lucan Biddulph Lucan Biddulph
ON: MC: Lucan Biddulph Wiki
ON: MC: Lucan Biddulph Glavin Farms .. Rhutabagas
ON: Kincardine South Bruce Grey Health Centre - Kincardine Site
ON: Kincardine Visit Kincardine
ON: Kincardine Anastasias Soda Fountain & Chocolate
ON: Kincardine Bean's Bistro for Breakfast & Lunch
ON: Kincardine Restaurants Trip Advisor
ON: Kincardine Tramonto Pasta
ON: Port Elgin Little's Furniture
Headed to the Haliburton Highlands
ON: Haliburton County Haliburton County
ON: Haliburton County Wiki
ON: HC: Minden Hills (Township) Minden Hills
ON: HC: Minden Hills Minden Panoramic Lookout
ON: HC: Minden River Walk
ON: HC: Minden Library: Haliburton County Public Library
ON: HC: Minden R: Molly's Bistro Bakery
ON: HC: Minden R: Restaurants as Per Trip Advisor
ON: HC: Minden R: Suwan's Thai Cuisine (web site-free)
ON: HV: Minden-Moore's Falls R: Summer Kiss - May-Oct (18 km South of Minden)
ON: HC: MH: Minden-Canarvon The Highlands Motel
ON: HC: Haliburton Highlands Experience Haliburton Highlands
ON: HC: Haliburton Highlands YMCA Wanakita
ON: HC: Haliburton Highlands Trip Advisor Motels/B&B, Resorts
ON: HC: Haliburton FYI Haliburton
ON: HC: Haliburton Art & Crafts Show: Art & Craft Festival in July
ON: HC: Haliburton Business Directory
ON: HC: Haliburton Shopping: Aprons & Soaps
ON: HC: Haliburton Art Gallery: Ethel Curry Gallery
ON: HC: Haliburton Education: Fleming College, Haliburton School of the Arts
ON: HC: Haliburton

Activities: Haliburton Forest & Wild Life Reserve Ltd

(Wolf Centre, Walk in the Clouds)

ON: HC: Haliburton Medical: Haliburton Highlands Family Health Team
ON: HC: Haliburton Entertainment: Highlands Summer Festival
ON: HC: Haliburton Bakery: Little Tart Bakery
ON: HC: Haliburton Art Gallery: Rails End Gallery & Art Centre
ON: HC: Haliburton Skiing: Sir Sams Ski & Bike
ON: HC: Haliburton Art & Craft Show: Studio Tour
ON: HC: Haliburton Activities: Winterdance Dogsled Tours
ON: HC: Haliburton Abbey Gardens
ON: HC: Haliburton Newspaper: Haliburton Echo
ON: HV: Haliburton Market: Haliburton County Farmer's Market
ON: HC: West Guilford Cottage Country Log Cabin
ON: HC: West Guilford West Guilford Shopping Centre
ON: HC: Algonquin Highlands Township of Algonquin Highlands
ON: HC: Algonquin Highlands Haliburton-Stanhope Municipal Airport
ON: HC:: Algonquin Highlands The Art Hive
ON: HC: AH: Dorset Dorset Wiki
ON: HC: AH: Dorset Robinson's General Store
ON: HC: AH: Dorset Lookout Tower

Lake Erie North Shore & Pelee Island:

Wine Country & More

ON: Lake Erie North Shore Wineries VQA
ON: Lake Erie North Shore Wineries
ON: Lake Erie North Shore Wines of Canada
ON: Windsor-Essex Peninsula Retire Here - 100 Mile Club
ON: Lake Erie Shore Ontario's Forgotten Coast
ON: Amherstburg D'Angelo Estate Winery
ON: Colchester Serenity Lavender
ON: Harrow Colchester Ridge Estate Winery
ON: Harrow Colio Estate Winery
ON: Harrow Cooper's Hawk Vineyards
ON: Harrow Erie Shore Vineyard
ON: Harrow Muscedere Vineyards
ON: Harrow North 42 Degrees Estate Winery (website not working)
ON: Harrow Oxley Estate Winery (restaurant open 11-4 pm)
ON: Harrow Paglione Estate Winery
ON: Harrow Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery
ON: Harrow Viewpointe Estate Winery
ON: Kingsville Blackbear Farms of Ontario Estate Winery
ON: Kingsville Mastronardi Estate Winery
ON: Kingsville Pelee Island Winery
ON: Ruthven Aleksander Estate Winery
ON: St. Thomas Quai du Vin Estate Winery
ON: St. Williams/Simcoe Blueberry Hill Estate Winery, Market, Etc
Visit Dutton, West Elgin, Ridgetown, Blenheim & Chatham
ON: Elgin County Elgin County
ON: Elgin County Elgin County Wiki
ON: Elgin County Elgin County Tourism
ON: EC: Dutton-Dunwich Dutton-Dunwich
ON: EC: Dutton-Dunwich Wiki
ON: EC: West Elgin West Elgin
ON: EC: West Lorne Arts & Cookery Bank
ON: Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent
ON: Chatham-Kent Chatham Kent Wiki
ON: CK: Highgate Mary Webb Centre
ON: CK: Ridgetown Ridgetown
ON: CK: Ridgetown Ridgetown Wiki
ON: CK: Ridgetown Ridgetown Campus, University of Guelph
ON: CK: Ridgetown Ridgetown Adult Activity Centre
ON: CK: Ridgetown Ridgetown Golf & Curling Club
ON: CK: Ridgetown Erie Street United Church
ON: CK: Ridgetown Yeck's Smokehouse Grill
ON: Beamsville Mike Weir Winery
Going West - October 2013
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Banff Aspen Lodge
Banff Lake Louise Music & Theatre
Calgary Courtyard Airport (npf)
Calgary Northwest, Four Points Sheraton (npf)
Calgary Wiki
Calgary List of Neighborhoods
Calgary Visit (1.1 million)
Calgary City Of
Calgary Coffee Shops
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Coeur d'Alene Springhill Suites Opened in 2013 (npf)
Coeur d'Alene ID
Coeur d'Alene Wiki
Coeur d'Alene Resort
Cranbrook  BC
Edmonton Courtyard West (npf)
Fernie Super 8 (pf)
Fernie BC
Field BC, Canadian Rockies Inn (Calgary to Field 209 km)
Kaslo Hotel (npf)
Kaslo Beach Gables Guesthouse Motel
Kaslo Buddy's Pizza
Kaslo Landmark Bakery
Kaslo Visit
Kelowna Four Points Sheraton (2013)
Kelowna BC
Kelowna Wiki
Kelowna Trip Advisor Restaurants
Lethbridge Hampton Inn & Suites (npf)
Lethbridge Wiki
Longview Restaurants Trip Advisor
Longview AB Wiki
Nelson BC (10,000)
Nelson Wiki
Nelson Hume Hotel (rooms on 4th floor recently renovated)
Nelson Kootenay Bakery Cafe
Nelson Oso Negro Cafe
Nelson Trip Advisor Restaurants
Pendicton BC
Pendicton Trip Advisor Restaurants
Pendicton Walla Artisan Bakery & Cafe
Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Sutton Place Hotel (pf)
Revelstoke BC, Roxy Theatre
Revelstoke BC
Revelstoke Trip Advisor Restaurants
Spokane Civic Community Theatre
Spokane INB Performing Arts Centre
Spokane, WA (532,000 metro)
Spokane Wiki
Vernon BC Fairfield Inn
Vernon BC (44,000)
Vernon BC Wiki
Vernon - Blenz Coffee near Fairfield Inn
Vernon Trip Advisor Restaurants

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